Vancouver Chinatown History

Chinatown History

The history of Vancouver’s Chinatown has much to say when learning of the Chinese roots. It is the highest on the list of North America’s cleanest modern day Chinatowns. This appeals to visitors even more so than the history and culture behind the town itself. The visitors are different nationalities, and come from different areas of the world to visit this Chinatown that is spoken of throughout North America. When visiting, you can sample various delicacies and pieces of the Chinese culture. It is one of the surpassed generations that still intrigue people of the modern world today who are interested in culture filled histories of nationalities. The tales that are told throughout Vancouver’s Chinatown are those of the Chinese Pioneers. There are collections, buildings, tales, and much more that tell of the hardships, fun, and deep roots that the pioneers had while building their lives.

Around the years 1890 to 1920, Chinese immigrants settled in what they called Shanghai Alley and Canton Alley. During the year of 1890, Shanghai Alley was the home for over 1,000 Chinese residents who worked, lived, and raised families in the alleys. A 500 seat theater was built for activities and entertainment for the people in 1898. This is where the community events were held, and the community came together as a whole. There was no need to leave their neatly woven community when it came down to entertainment, or even grocery shopping since they had access to their market right in town in each of the Alleys.

Canton Alley was not inhabited until around 1904. They created a Chinese style courtyard that they surrounded with buildings in two parallel rows running south. All of the Alleys within the Canton Alley held music, fun, shopping, activities that were cultural centered, and all the aspects that nightlife had to offer the residents and guests. This Chinatown is one of the most visited from neighboring Chinese and Asians in other states. This is because of all the cultural and nationality specific shopping, food, and entertainment they have to offer. They can bond with others of their culture, and learn a little more of their culture during the visit.

The Millennium is hoping to expand, and add new attractions and historic information to Vancouver’s Chinatown as the times move forward. There are new chapters that will open up to bring more pride and testament to Chinese struggles in the early world in Canada. This is something that anyone from any culture can appreciate. There are many events, shows, and places to visit that will give you more historical information and value when you visit Chinatown. There is history and culture around every corner for you to enjoy.

Take a walk down Historical Alley for more information on what was brought to Vancouver’s Chinatown in the 18 and 1900’s. It is located right on Shanghai Alley for your convenience. Learn something about the Chinese culture when you visit Chinatown in Vancouver nestled snugly in the country of Canada.