Vancouver Chinatown Attractions

Chinatown Attractions

Historical Alley

Historical Alley is one of the best places to visit for more information on the historical aspect of Vancouver’s Chinatown. You will be able to follow along the timeline from the immigration to the building of the Alleys and markets throughout the streets. These are the alleys that the immigrants moved too, and built their lives on. Find out more when you visit Historical Alley where the museums and small gift shops are. They are located on Shanghai Alley.

Forum Home Appliance

This store allows any shopper to find the home appliances they are need of, and the other appliances that maybe they have never heard of before. This store provides the shopper with an assortment of appliances from various parts of the world. This is perfect for learning what other people use to make their lives simpler. You can visit them in Chinatown at 119-180 Keefer Street. If you need more information then you can call them right over the phone at 604-688-1626.

Good Fortune Jewelry-Antique

If you want to purchase some of the rarest jewelry or antiques around then you can look into visiting this store while visiting Chinatown in Vancouver. Not only do they sell jewelry of any kind, but they also will tickle your fancy with antiques from past times. Handmade crafts from Chinese culture are also sold here for your shopping pleasures.

If you want to stop by their establishment you can do so by going to 234 Keefer Street. Getting more information about the items they sell, or products they offer is as easy as calling them at 604-633-1318. You might be able to find the treasures your after when you visit them in Chinatown today.

Jimi Hendrix Museum

There is an old restaurant at this site. It belonged to Jimi Hendrix grandmother, Nora Rose Moore Hendrix. While Jimi attended private school, he lived here with his grandmother. It was later turned into a shrine dedicated in memory of Jimi Hendrix. If you want to stroll through the shrine, and learn a little more about the notorious singer and guitar player then you can stop by 207 Union Street in Chinatown. This is one attraction that many people do not want to miss out on when visiting the area.

Ocean 2U Seafood Co.

Located right in the heart of Chinatown in Vancouver, you can be sure to get all of your seafood needs in this one stop shop. You will be able to get frozen seafood for affordable prices, and take them with you wherever you’re headed off to next. All of their seafood is authentic, and ready to please your taste buds when you cook it up for your enjoyment.

Located at 290 Keefer Street, you will be sure to stop by when going through Chinatown. If you need more information on their prices, services, or the seafood that they offer, call them at 604-662-3100.

Jade Dynasty Restaurant

This restaurant is one of the highest rated in Chinatown. You can get fresh live seafood cooked to order. This is perfect when you would like a special dish for the evening to share between two, or perhaps just to try something new on the menu with the family. You can try a variety of Dim Sum or specialty vegetarian dishes.

Stop by and visit them for some wonderful tastes and a pleasant atmosphere when you visit Chinatown. They are conveniently located at 137 East Pender Street, and can be reached over the phone as well at 604-683-8816.

If one of these choices does not tickle your fancy, there are many others that you can visit during your trip to Chinatown. You will be able to experience and taste your heart away with all the Chinese culture has to offer during your visit. Find out the extra shops and restaurants that are open during your stay.


Night Market

The Night Market is one of the biggest attractions in Vancouver’s Chinatown. This is because it is lit up, and you can purchase just about anything in the cool evening air. Not only can you purchase items from the different stands for affordable prices, but you can also eat some of the best food while walking along. Ever wonder what a market looks like lit up at night? Now you can when you visit the Night Market in Chinatown.

The Night Market runs from May to September on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. It runs from 6:30 to 11 p.m. so you will have enough time to shop throughout the entire market. You can purchase a number of different items including handcrafted items to name brand items such as Pokémon. Not only can you partake in the buying and eating portions of this night market, but you can also watch traditional cultural performances throughout the night. They include singing, dancing, martial arts, bands, and games with plenty of prizes to enjoy.

The venue is located at 100 & 200 block of Keefer Street in Vancouver’s Chinatown. You can get even more information about this event when you call 604-682-8998 or email them at

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